We believe

that the best

way to motivate success is to build a strong team.

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Welcome! Our names are Nancy & Steve Groenestege and we are the proud owners of Sign Ontario Ltd.

Sign Ontario Ltd. originally opened under the name Sun Signs in 1987. While in college for Advertising Art, Nancy was looking for a student summer job to avoid working on her family pig farm. She wanted to work somewhere where she could use her talents as an artist, and Sun Signs was where she found that opportunity. In 1995, Nancy jumped at the opportunity to purchase the company and has remained the owner to this day. In the beginning years of ownership when she was dating Steve and struggling to find sign installers, Steve offered to come work in installation. In no time, he fell in love with the sign industry (and with Nancy too), and in 2004, Steve left dairy farming to join his now wife in the sign business full time. Together they have grown the business and in 2013, changed the name to what they are called today, Sign Ontario Ltd.


Today, Steve’s passion for sign construction and installation compliments Nancy’s creativity, artistic talents, and design skills to make for a great fit in the sign industry. Steve’s natural talent in construction and Nancy’s artistic skills work hand-in-hand to enable Sign Ontario Ltd. to thrive. Sign Ontario Ltd. works with consumers and businesses of every size, in every industry, to provide creative and effective solutions for a wide range of design and sign manufacturing needs. Steve & Nancy are proud to help people and businesses grow, maintain, and thrive within their local economy and beyond.

We believe that the best way to motivate success is to build a strong team. At Sign Ontario Ltd. our team works in a way where employees are working independently, but in unison. We have found that the right balance of skills, personalities, and strengths make progress and success inevitable. A company is truly only as great as the people who embody the mission of the organization, and we are lucky to have a team that goes above and beyond to see the company succeed and to make our customers happy. Thank you to our talented employees who give their best in work and friendship.

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